To start our career through refinement
To achieve success through quality

Jiuxing Sports lays great emphasis on the development of its product technology. Every design represents a packed agglomeration of collective intelligence of the whole staff; every detail has been repeatedly measured; every innovation shall go through repeated verifications. Up to now, more than 10 national patents have successfully been conferred on it, e.g. the player rod designed in 2012 surpassing the quality level of congeneric products at home and abroad with one action...

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To devote in earnest particular
Care to everything at hand

Jiuxing Sports advocates acting from the smallest details, and call on all staff to work hard and pay close attention to every little detail, strickly according to ISO9001 quality management system and SGS standard to produce. It is due to the persistence in pursuing quality that quality management system is consistently improved and that Jiuxing Sports has a chance of participating in formulating such national standards as...

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7X24 hours of service

Add: Park Zone 3,Chengdong Industrial Base, Xunyang, Jiujiang, Jiangxi, China
Tel: 0086-792-8992008/8992009
MB: 0086-15270268882(Oversea)
Fax: 0086-792-8992007
E-mail: [email protected]

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  • TEL:0086-792-8992008
  • FAX:0086-792-8992007
  • Foreign Market:15270268882
  • E-MAIL:[email protected]
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